8 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Pet parents often face the dilemma of what to do with their animal companions when certain situations disrupt ordinary care. Parenting a dog is not as easy as it may sound. Given the choices you need to make regularly concerning the well-being of your canine friend, the job is rather difficult. 

One of the most challenging choices you will possibly make is keeping your dog in a boarding facility. Perhaps you must travel for an emergency, work, or a vacation. Some pet owners take their furry friends with them and encounter various problems. These include hotel restrictions, pets running away, travel-induced illnesses, and more. These problems can turn any trip into a disaster.


Dog Boarding 


Fortunately, pet boarding facilities offer an excellent solution to this problem. Millions of pet owners in America recognize the value of full-time, experienced, and knowledgeable pet boarding operators. These professionals provide safe, secure, and dependable pet care services. They allow pet owners to enjoy their time away from home, happy that their animal friends are receiving the best care possible. 


Boarding Kennels


A boarding kennel is a business explicitly operated to care for pets. Most pet boarding facilities provide a wide variety of pet services, such as boarding, training classes, grooming, and more. A characteristic common in the best pet boarding facilities is a deep respect and love for animals. 

Prepare your dog for boarding by taking the following steps: 


Plan a Trial Boarding Stay


Consider a boarding trial if your dog is prone to separation anxiety. A short trial stay of about 24 hours will help ease your pup into a new routine and environment. Consequently, adjusting for a more extended stay will be easier for your dog.


Adjust Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits


Get your dog used to sleeping alone if you usually sleep with them. Otherwise, they will have difficulty sleeping alone at a boarding facility.


Keep Your Pooch Comfortable


There is nothing like home. Even the best boarding facility cannot provide the comfort of home. So, bringing a familiar toy or rug for your furry friend to sleep on will help them feel more secure in a boarding facility.


Do Not Mess With Your Dog’s Diet


Bring your dog’s favorite foods and treats and provide instructions on when and how much to feed. You should also give other special instructions, such as the medication schedule.


Ensure Your Dog Is Current on All Vaccinations


Some boarding facilities may refuse admittance if a pet’s vaccinations are not up-to-date. You should also ensure you are up-to-date with heartworm, tick, and flea treatments.


Drop Off Your Pup in the Morning


Drop off your dog early in the morning if your schedule permits it. That will give them the whole day to adjust to the environment before going to bed at night.


Visit Your Veterinarian


Take your canine companion to your veterinarian at Spencer Springs Animal Hospital to determine whether it is safe to leave them in a boarding facility while you are away. 


Crate-train Your Dog


Training dogs to love their crates and treat them as safe places to rest or sleep is a good idea. Doing so will help your dog feel comfortable in a confined space, such as a kennel or small room.

Boarding your dog when you travel out of town is an excellent way to ensure that someone dependable is looking after them while you are away. To keep the experience as stress-free as possible for you and your dog, you should make the necessary preparations.

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